Thanksgiving Latin Style

The way we celebrate “El Día de Acción de Gracias”

Turkey, cranberries, corn and pumpkins are foods related with Thanksgiving, a not traditionally celebrated  holiday in Latin America.

We embraced the celebration and added a twist or two and now Thanksgiving have become traditional for     Latinos here in the United States.

We normally serve arroz con Gandules, casabe with a brush stroke of olive oil and salt, which is much more flavorful and something we grew up eating. For the same reason we have sweet plantain  casserole, Pernil, and Pavochon. (a turkey roasted pork-style)

To add a Latin flare we use adobo or sofrito to your bird. I also marinate my bird with white wine and beer. I’m planning to serve a Tres Leche Cake for dessert, along with my sister’s coconut flan and our traditional Dominican cake with Pineapple or Guava filling. Empanadas for the kids and Pasteles en    Hojas similar to a traditional tamale are a must have in the menu.

My Pasteles en Hoja were difficult to make, it took me years to finally develop a balance recipe –not too soft or not too hard-thanks to my tia Nancy from the Dominican Republic.

At the end of the day, Thanksgiving is the act of giving thanks to God, it is certain that we can all be thankful for something.



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