The parts of a Traditional Italian Meal

Llegamos a Italia!!!

I was amazed with how much food we were served at the Culinary Institute of Tuscany in Italy. In general, the structure of the menu will follow the sequence as stated below, regardless of the number of courses served.


Zuppa/Minestra-soups, Riso, Risotto, Polenta, Gnocchi and/or Pasta

Uova-Egg dishes

Pesce & frutti DI Mare-Fish and seafood

Piatto Del Giorno-Plate of the day

Second Piatto-Second plate

Piatta DA Farsi-Means plates to be made to order

Contorni, Legumi, Verdure-Vegetables, and/or potato

Formaggi- Cheese

Frutta-Fresh fruit

Sorbetto-Sherbets served by themselves

Source: Culinary Institute of Tuscany


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