Chicken Salad Baguette

2013-02-17 20.35.30


2 Pounds Chicken breast cut in cubs

1 Teaspoon Dominican dry Oregano

2 Spoons Mimi’s Sofrito

1/4 Cup chopped celery

1/3 Cup low-fat mayonnaise

¼ Cup red onion

¼ Cup chopped carrots

2 Teaspoon olive oil

2 Taspoon fresh black pepper

Baby tomatoes


1. Marinate your chicken breast for 20 minutes with oregano, chicken and Mimi’s Sofrito. Cook the chicken breast until tender, take it out and let it rest.

2. While the chicken cooks, place your carrots into the food processor, do the same with the celery-save it on the side

3. Now that the chicken cooled down, insert your meat in a food processor too.

4. Combine the chicken meat, celery, carrots, mayonnaise, red onion, black pepper, and olive oil.

5. Take a French baguette and cut it into small slices, spread olive oil and toast it for 4 minutes.

6. Place you baguette on a plate, spread your meat, top it with a baby tomato and

Buen Provecho!

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