The Homeless, the Steak, and the Miracle

SteakIt is about midnight and I was pretty tired after working at the James Beard House all day and culinary school at night so you can imagine how rough my day was. I just can’t go to bed without sharing what happened to me on my way home. Okay so you know how painful it is to stand in your feet all day, especially with those huge ugly boots from school. I’ve been on my feet all day and at the train on my way back home, I just feel the pain taking over my whole feet, one stop before home, I quickly touched my feet and said “ohh Jesus take this pain away from me”. I walked outside and guess what happened?

NOTHING…I slowly hold the ramp and slowly take one step at the time because the pain is now so crucial I can’t move too quick, all I’m saying inside me is “ohh Jesus!!”

About a block from the train station is a homeless man who my husband some times brings food, I remembered I have brought steak from class and a little bit of pork loin. I stopped and said to him “I’m in cooking school and today we had steak, I was taking it home but I wanted to give it to you”, he was talking to one of the MTA drivers and all he said was “steak?…steak?” for a minute I thought he didn’t understood  my English, and I was going to said something like “Papi you don’t understand Inglés?”  but I was wrong he just couldn’t believe God have send him steak tonight.

Just to make things more interesting for him, I told him I will bring him food samples the nights I have class in return of his feedback and of course he was trilled to help!

But the miracle was not giving him food anyone can do it if they listen to their heart, listen to what happened; two or three seconds later I’m crossing the street and I’m walking all sexy (you know me). I stopped and said to my self “Wait a minute, what happened to my pain, why I am walking straight, what just happened here God???

I laughed, and I tried to jump, I shook my leg trying to find the pain but all I felt was just discomfort … why did this happened?

My theory of course is God doesn’t want to see me in pain, but I knew that already, could it be that ones we forget about ourselves and pay attention to those who -let’s be real- who have not had steak for God knows how many months, or maybe just a hot homemade meal?, have I been selfish or just ignoring God’s heart?..there are so many questions but today my friends I’m not letting my self get caught out in that, I’m enjoying my feet and my joy because I know there is a man who will eat steak and will thank God for it!

Can miracles happen when there is no more “me” but just HIM in me?..something happened tonight and I hope it happens every night for now I will go to bed rested because that was the way God wanted, isn’t He good? 🙂

God Is Good!


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