Thanksgiving Day


History and tradition

On Thanksgiving Day , also known as “Thanksgiving ” , is celebrated in the United States. the fourth Thursday of November. This date celebrates a national tradition that brings families and friends to share , give thanks and enjoy traditional food such as turkey and pumpkin candy .

The story goes that the first Thanksgiving Day in the United States it was a three-day celebration in Plymouth Colony (now part of the state of Massachusetts ) in 1621 . The settlers had arrived the year before and did not have enough food , and it was too late to plant crops. Half the colony died during the winter of 1620-1621 . In the spring, the natives of the area taught the settlers to plant corn and other crops, and help them to hunt and fish . In the fall of 1621 the settlers were excellent yields and in gratitude , they invited the Indians to share a feast.

The celebration of this harvest became a regular activity . The Thanksgiving Day took place at various times until, in 1863 President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the last Thursday in November as a national holiday of Thanksgiving Day . Then, in 1941 , President Franklin Roosevelt approved a law establishing the holiday date to the fourth Thursday in November .

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