Slush Puppy or Yun-Yun!

Yun-YunI remember like today those bottles of Coca-Cola in the Dominican Republic, the ice cream guy or Yunyunero would reuse them for his ice cream cart which was always standing near by the school gate waiting for all of us to get out of class to sell us yun-yun.
In Colombia is known as “raspao” in Puerto Rico and New York, are called “piragua or canoe” and in the Dominican Republic, is called “yun yun.” Street vendors are a non-electric pedal tricycle. The Yunyuneros are very fast when it comes down to shaving the ice, they can entertain a group of customers to reach the final line of sweating customers.
I once try to scrape a block of ice and let me tell you is not as easy as it looks!

In New York City the tradition continues and I love to stop and buy a shaved ice cream in summer time.

You can find different fruit flavors and is served in a glass filled with shaved ice, here are the most popular flavors:
Chinola or Guava

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