Detox Diet Instructions

We are very excited about Monday your first Detox Day, please send me your current weight (don’t worry I know we all had a little too much of everything over the holidays).

Follow the pictures below, the same thing will happen everyday, check in with me when ever you feel the need, remember I don’t do miracles yet but I’m here to support you in anything I can.l

We recommend warm water before you brush your teeth-I know I know-but the good bacteria in your mouth is good for your body. If you don’t feel comfortable drink warm water with a slider lemon.

Beets, Carrots & Ginger juice or Avena Juice in the morning

Green Tea -mid morning

Soup for lunch (it can be any, they are all cooked with a vegetable base)

Beets/Carrot/Ginger, Avena or Carrot Juice in the afternoon

Avena Juice (oatmeal juice, made like grandma used to make it back in DR)

Soup for dinner

An hour after dinner or before going to bed, heat some of your fruit tea and enjoy it. It doesn’t have any sugar be free to add a bit of honey or sugar.

We work hard to make this work, we are foodies like most of you, we know you can do it because we did it. Call us or text us if you need us, don’t forget to use the #mimisDetoxWeek hashtag

God bless you guys…. Detox Week here we go!!!!

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