Los Tres Golpes or “The Three Strikes”

Mini Tres Golpes or the Three Strikes

Mangú is a Dominican dish I grew up eating, is made  of mashed green plantains or platanos verdes. We peeled them first, cut and boiled in salt, when soft we mashed them with butter or oil and a secret to keep it soft for hours is to add cold water, yes, cold water.

More many peeling a green plantain is a pain and like my mom would said they will do it the lazy way which is boiling it first, shocking it and then peeling. But peeling a plantain is not that difficult all you need is to practice ones you are able to separate the peal without lifting any of the fruit is a sign that you have what it takes to cook. First cut the ends, use the point of sharp knife to cut across the ridges of the plantain lift the peel from the cut ridges, using the knife only to help lift. Be careful not to cut the ridges too deep, or you risk cutting off the plantain.


4 Plantains
1/4 cup of olive oil
2 tablespoons butter (may use a butter substitute like margarine)
1 tsp Salt

Boil plantain in water with pinch of salt to taste cook until soft to mash

Add butter, cup of cold water, and the oil when you are done mashing it

Slice onion medium size add vinegar and a pinch salt let it sit for 5 min in warm oil

Remember to pill the plantain before boiling it.

For the presentation boil 4 eggs, cut them in half, remove the egg yolks and fill it with mangu. Ones you fried Queso de Freir and/or Salami cut them in small pieces and placed them on top the mash plantains.

Eggplant Tapenade

For my vegetarian friends here is a recipe I love especially in this time of year, only because I can find beautiful tomatoes and big and healthy eggplants. This is my “Montadito de Berenjena” or Eggplant  Tapenade.

2013-02-17 20.52.44


1 eggplant

2-3 tbs olive oil

1 tomato

Half cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese

4 tbs light mayonnaise

1 spoon crushed garlic

Fresh Dill

1 Lime

Salt and pepper


  1. Slice eggplants, toss with olive oil, salt and pepper.
  2. Grill the eggplant for 5 minutes until is cooked.
  3. Prepare the mix, add your mayonnaise, cheese, garlic, pepper and half of the lime.
  4. Plate the eggplant slices on a plate, top each one with a slice of tomato and add a spoon of the mayonnaise mixture.
  5. Garnish each appetizer with your fresh dill and serve warm or cold.

Vegetarian Appetizer

Dominican Tostones

Tostones Tostones for Latin Americans is what french fries is to Americans!

Tostones are sliced plantains that are fried twice like french fries and served with salt, ketchup or any dipping sauce, you name it and you can use it.

In Haiti they call them banan peze, and in Venezuela there is a dish known as Patacones— is a sandwich that dispenses with bread entirely, in its place is green plantain that’s been sliced lengthwise, fried, pressed flat and fried again. Still warm, the golden discs embrace shredded beef, roast pork, chorizo, chicken or cheese.. Some West African countries also serve Tostones under the name plantain crisps. The technique for cooking them is the name no matter what the name or the dish is.

To make tostones, an unripe plantain is peeled, then sliced. The slices can be short, 1 inch thick, or they can be sliced diagonally or length-wise. Then the slices are dropped into canola oil for 4 minutes.

Once they are fried once on each side, they are removed from the oil and pounded flat. This can be done with any kitchen utensil, but it is common to find a tostonera, which is a utensil specifically designed for tostones. This step can also be performed with a glass or small plate. They should be flattened until they are about 1/3 inch high similar to the picture above.

After they are pounded flat, they are fried once again on each side until they are golden brown. The slices are then removed from the oil, drained and served with a little bit of salt. My favorite way is to make a sandwich with two pieces of tostones and Dominican fried salami in the middle. There is no wrong way is what your heart desires, and that’s why I love making tostones, why don’t you try to make them too and share your experience with us!

Dominican Chimichurri Burger

If you are talking to a Dominican and the word “Chimichurri” comes up don’t get confused with the Argentinean parsley-garlic sauce, which by the way I love in my red meats.

Chimichurri for us is a Dominican hamburger served with a tangy mayonnaise-ketchup sauce and plenty of shredded cabbage, tomato, and onion on a soft, pillow roll.

I remember when my mother used to order Chimichurris as a treat on Sundays to all the kids back home and how excited we were back in the 80s. This recipe reminds me those old good days and I wanted to change it a bit by adding fresh chives to the wonderful sandwich.

2 Lbs ground meat

3 Tbs “Mi Sofrito

2 Tbs Onion power

canola oil

1. I have 6 balls for my entire family. I separate them to make sure I have even burgers

2. Heat a large griddle medium high with oil

3. Cook for 5 minutes on each side

Chimichurri sauce on bun, burger, tomatoes, onions, chives, cabbage and more sauce

Sauce: stir together ketchup, mayonnaise, Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce, then later top the buns/hero with sauce.

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Montaditos de Pollo

Photo 2013-05-23 11.42.58 AMIngredientes

2 libras de pechuga de pollo cortado
2 cucharadas de sofrito

1/4 taza de apio rallado
1/3 taza de mayonesa baja en grasa
¼ taza de cebolla roja
¼ taza de zanahorias ralladas
2 cucharadita de aceite de oliva
2 Taspoon negro pimienta fresca


1. Marinar la pechuga de pollo durante 20 minutos con el sofrito. Cocinar la pechuga de pollo hasta que estén en 20 minutos.

2. Mientras se cocina el pollo, coloque las zanahorias en el procesador de alimentos, hacer lo mismo con el apioy guardalos al lado

3. Ahora que el pollo esta frío, coloque la carne en un procesador de alimentos también.  Combine la carne de pollo, el apio, la zanahoria, la mayonesa, la cebolla roja, pimienta negro, y el aceite de oliva.

5. Toma tu de pan francés y cortarlo en trozos pequeños, ponle un poco de aceite de oliva y ponlos a tostar durante 4 minutos. opcional

6. Coloque el pan en un plato, utilisa una bolsa para que puedas untarle tu crema de pollo al pan con mas facilidad. Si tines tomaticos agregalos al final y listo!

Chicken Salad Baguette

2013-02-17 20.35.30


2 Pounds Chicken breast cut in cubs

1 Teaspoon Dominican dry Oregano

2 Spoons Mimi’s Sofrito

1/4 Cup chopped celery

1/3 Cup low-fat mayonnaise

¼ Cup red onion

¼ Cup chopped carrots

2 Teaspoon olive oil

2 Taspoon fresh black pepper

Baby tomatoes


1. Marinate your chicken breast for 20 minutes with oregano, chicken and Mimi’s Sofrito. Cook the chicken breast until tender, take it out and let it rest.

2. While the chicken cooks, place your carrots into the food processor, do the same with the celery-save it on the side

3. Now that the chicken cooled down, insert your meat in a food processor too.

4. Combine the chicken meat, celery, carrots, mayonnaise, red onion, black pepper, and olive oil.

5. Take a French baguette and cut it into small slices, spread olive oil and toast it for 4 minutes.

6. Place you baguette on a plate, spread your meat, top it with a baby tomato and

Buen Provecho!