Veggie Shelf outside the fridge

polentaWe tend to think zucchini, aubergine, cucumber, etc. as vegetables but they are biologically fruits.

This shelf gives them a space to be outside the fridge. Also through the ritual to water them everyday, they will stay fresh.

While many fruits and vegetables benefit from the low storage temperature in a refrigerator (around 40 degrees F or 4.5 degrees C), this is not true for all of them. So-called fruit vegetables such as peppers, courgettes, aubergines and tomatoes require higher temperatures and decay more rapidly in the refrigerator. They need high relative humidity, though. The shelf pictured above gives these vegetables a suitable space. Through the ritual of watering them everyday, they will stay fresh. The water not only raises humidity but also cools the produce, assuring a temperature that is higher than that in the refrigerator but lower than that in the room.

KettlePizza Turns Your Kettle Grill Into A Wood Fire Pizza Oven


The kettle grill has remained one of the most enduring grill designs since its inception back in 1951.  Which isn’t a surprise, considering how versatile they are.  With the KettlePizza, the humble kettle grill gains a new skill: cooking pizza like a proper oven.

Why not just use something like the BBQ Pizza Pan or cook the dough straight on the grate?  While you can hustle a pizza that way, in no way can it produce that classic wood fired pizza taste, which is exactly what this accessory gets you.

The KettlePizza is an insert that goes between the top and bottom part of a kettle grill.   Made from stainless steel, the fitting adds a thermometer (so you can constantly monitor temperature — important, so you don’t burn the dough) and a small front opening to the assembly (where you’ll put the pizza in).  The idea is that the heat starts in the rear of the grill bottom, flowing up the back and running over the pizza before exiting out front.  Provided you put the proper amount of fuel, heat should remain at a constant rate throughout the process, ensuring an evenly-cooked creation.

According to its creators, the chamber created by the accessory can maintain constant temperatures of 750 degrees Fahrenheit and more, which is ideal for proper wood fired pizza.  It can handle temperatures up to 950 degrees Fahrenheit.

Aprons, a thing of the past?

Yesterday I saw a picture of my aunt Mercedes in the Dominican Republic, automatically I remembered her  worn out apron. Since little we did not understand why tia will only use that old apron, it in fact it did not served  much or at least that was what we thought as kids.

The main function of the apron is to protect the dress or gown, it also serves as a handle to remove the pan from the heat. My tia or aunt loved to wipe off the tears of kids who got hurt or just needed some attention, including me.

And who does not remember when there were visitors, surprisingly aunt’s apron could quickly dust off the furniture or table.

It will take many years before someone invents an object that can replace that old apron which serves for many functions.

Apples and Potatoes

polentaApples emit a lot of ethylene gas. It has the effect of speeding up the ripening process of fruits and vegetables kept together with apples. When combined with potatoes, apples prevent them from sprouting.

Some fruits and vegetables (notably apples but also tomatoes, avocados, bananas, muskmelons, pears, plums, and peaches) emit ethylene gas. This has the effect of speeding up the ripening process of fruits and vegetables kept together with them, which is why it is wise to store ethylene producing fruits and vegetables separately. However, when combined with potatoes, Jihyun Ryou says, they have a positive effect, because the ethylene gas prevents the potatoes from sprouting. The design pictured above consists of a wooden box that keeps potatoes in the dark (a more common way to keep them from sprouting), while the holes on top allow them to benefit from the ethylene gas emitted by the apples.

The same design could also be used to accelerate the ripening of tomatoes, a process that is used – on a much larger scale – by food distributors.

Los beneficios del Pepino/Benefits of Cucumber


¿Por qué se habla de los beneficios del pepino para perder kilos?
Gracias a las propiedades depurativas del pepino:
• El pepino al estar formado por un 95% de agua, es un alimento ideal para estimular la actividad del riñón.
• Además es saciante, por esta misma razón.
• Posee un alto contenido en fibra, sobre todo en sus semillas. Si no tienes problemas de colon irritable o diverticulítis puedes comer sus semillas y te beneficiarás con sus propiedades depurativas o laxantes.
• Es un excelente protector de la mucosa gástrica e intestinal gracias a uno de sus componentes la erepsina.
Como verás los beneficios del pepino para perder peso son múltiples, convirtiéndolo en un alimento ideal para cualquier dieta hipocalórica.
Sólo ten en cuenta:
• Mastícalo bien, de esa forma evitarás una posible sensación de acidez del estómago, ya que por su alto contenido en fibra puede tardar más tiempo en digerirse.
• Si sufres de diverticulosis o colon irritable en etapa de diarrea, su consumo está contraindicado.
Recuerda consultar a tu médico si tienes alguna duda, no olvides que él está para ayudarte.


Yo tengo ya mucho tiempo escuchando a muchas personas hablar de este batido para perder peso y despues de estudiar los beneficios de los ingredientes entendí que en efecto obligao tiene que ponerme flaka. Aqui les dejo la receta y los beneficios de cada ingrediente.


1 piña
3 pepinos
1 hoja de sábila solo el cristal (la parte transparente)
2 vasos de agua (a mi esposo le gusta mas sin agua, asi que les dejo la opcion a ustedes)
Opcional: Miel de Agave al gusto

1. Aqui tengo mis ingredientes. Para las personas que no tienen mucho tiempo ya pueden comprar su piña pelada

2. Esta es la sabila que cortaremos para extraer la sustancia transparente, como gelatina, que se encuentra en la pulpa de las hojas de la planta

3. Como ven ya removi la parte de arriba y cuidadosamente sacare el pedazo completo

4. Si no son experto con los cuchillos pueden usar una cuchara para extraer la sustancia gelatinosa

5. Corta tus 3 pepinos y la piña en cubitos

6. Yo usualmente agrupo todo los ingredientes para ajilizar el proceso. Aqui estan los tres incredientes, no te olvides del agua y la miel agave

7. Ya estamos listos para licuar. Puedes agregar el agave ahora si gustas y refrigerarla. Esta batilla puede ser parte de tu diario vivir tomate un vaso en la mañana al despertar. A los que estan siguiendo la dieta por fabor sigan las instrucciones de la dieta. En un envase plástico preserva la batida en el refrigerados. Esta medida te alcanzará para 3 dias


For the longest time I keep hearing home cooks talk about this shake for weight loss and after studying the benefits of each ingredients I realized that in fact you can benefit from them. Together we’ll learn their benefits and of course the recipe.


1. If necessary you can buy your pineapple already peeled.

2. This is the aloe, we’ll extract the transparent substance much like gelatin  found in the pulp of the leave.

3. As you can see I carefully removed the top part

4. If you are not an expert with knives can use a spoon to remove the gelatinous substance

5. /Cut 3 cucumbers and the pineapple in cubes

6. I usually group all my ingredients to make the process quicker, don’t forget to add water and agave

7. We’re ready to liquefy……. You can now add the agave if you like and refrigerate. The shake can be part of your daily life drink a glass in the morning. To those who are following the diet please follow the diet instructions. You can store the shake in a plastic container, keep refrigerated, it should last for 3 days.

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